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The Three Seat divan/couch bed combo probably has these kinds of structures: pure wood, pure metal, metal + wood.

The wooden sofa should be clear whether it is solid wood or solid wood multi-layer board. It is recommended to use less solid wood multi-layer board. Multi-layer board has more glue and naturally more formaldehyde. When choosing solid wood, it is important to know what kind of wood is used, such as pine, rubber, ash, etc.

The frame structure is the "skeleton" of the sofa bed, and the sturdy frame is the basic guarantee for its firmness and durability. At present, the "modified" methods of sofa beds mainly include two types: "turnover" and "push-pull". No matter which method is adopted, in the process of "transformation", it should feel smooth, with moderate resistance, and stable and firm after all parts are in place.

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