How to Remove Mites on the Cloth Sofa?

November 07,2022

There are mites on the cloth sofa that need to be removed in time. Otherwise, it is very likely to have a certain impact on human skin.


The Benefits of Sofas With Legs

October 12,2022

Apart from leisure, it is a good choice to lie on the sofa for rest. The common type of sofa is the sofas with legs. So, what are the benefits?


What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Metal Chairs?

October 12,2022

The chair is something we can't do without it every day. It has many materials, and a metal chair is one of them.


How to Choose a Folding Sofa Bed?

September 21,2022

Generally, we buy sofa and bed separately, but now sofa bed is very popular. What should we pay attention to when purchasing a folding sofa bed?


How to Choose a Sofa Bed?

September 05,2022

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What Materials Are Available for Leather Sofas?

August 19,2022

The sofa is an important piece of furniture. Nowadays, many families choose leather sofas. So what are the materials of leather sofas?


What Are the Materials of Outdoor Tables and Chairs

August 05,2022

Nowadays, people pay more and more attention to their quality of life. If there is a terrace at home, they will consider placing outdoor tables and chairs or outdoor sofas for themselves and their family and friends to bask in the sun, chat and drink tea. What materials are the outdoor tables and chairs made of?


How to Clean Leather Sofa

July 22,2022

For the cleaning of leather sofa, if there is heavy dirt, it can be cleaned with edible alkali; if it is stained with beer, coffee and other stains, it can be cleaned with neutral soapy water; it can be treated with "safe bleach"; it can also be cleaned with leather agent to clean. The specific cleaning method is as follows:


How to Buy Back Chairs?

July 09,2022

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Advantages of plastic folding chairs

June 28,2022

Nowadays, plastic folding chairs are used in many occasions, which brings great benefits to life. What are the main advantages? Let us find out together. ​​