Why Solid Wood Sofa Is So Popular?

January 06,2022

The solid wood sofa has always been favored by consumers. Looking at the wood texture on the surface of solid wood furniture, people think of nature and environmental protection, which is the healthy home pursued by modern people. In this passage, we are talking about the benefits of solid wood sofa.


solid wood sofa.png


Advantages of Solid Wood Sofa


Environmentally friendly


In the process of processing and making solid wood sofa, compared with those wood-based panel furniture, the amount of glue is quite small. The amount of glue used affects the environmental protection of furniture. In addition, the solid wood sofa is made of natural wood, which is more environmentally friendly.


Long service life


The service life of solid wood sofa is generally about 5 times that of other plate sofas. Generally speaking, solid wood sofa can be used for about 15 to 20 years.


Unique style and personality


The solid wood sofa material comes from natural wood, integrates natural essence, integrates China's traditional culture and modern fashion into the furniture design, gives furniture new connotation, and makes furniture design more humanized, practical and modern, creating solid furniture furniture style, leading the new trend of furniture.


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