The Maintenance Of Living Room Sofa

March 12,2022

Even the best sofa in the world, it requires routine maintenance, or it will become unsightly.


solid wood sofa.png


Here are somethings people need to pay attention to when use the sofa.


  • The sofa is supposed to place on a level ground. It’s better to put the cushion in the bottom of 4 corners to avoid to injure the floor when moving the sofa.
  • Remember to clean the dust and dirt on sofa surface with clean soft cloth before using the sofa. If the sofa is made of real leather, you need to use nurse agent to brush the surface lightly once or twice (do not use wax qualitative nurse article). And the leather surface will form a protective film to make the bilge in the future is not easy to penetrate the pore, which is helpful for later clean.
  • Avoid beating on the seat of the sofa, once the sofa is locally deformed, it will affect use experience.
  • Tools with sharp angles or cutters should be avoid to prevent scratching the sofa surface.
  • Scorching sun should be avoided. If the sofa is exposed to sun for a long time, it will cause deformation of leather sofa. If encounter sunshine direct illuminate, it’s better to change the position of these sofas to avoid obvious color differences.
  • If the sofa is stained with oil or ball-point pen, use leather cleaner immediately. If there is no leather cleaner, use clean white towel with alcohol to wipe blot gently. Then dry with a dry towel and finish with protectant.
  • Sofa mobile parts are not flexible or metal parts, connectors and other loose, should tighten the connection screw or add lubricant appropriately.


In Conclusion


The beauty of our home requires careful maintenance. With careful maintenance, the service life of the sofa can last for many years.