Six Ways of Placing Sofa in Living Room

April 24,2022

The bulky sofa traditionally placed in the living room is outdated. Nowadays, the trend is that the bulky and bulky sofa is no longer the "standard" in the living room. To make the living room glow with more vitality, we must spend some time planning the layout of the living room sofa.




Traditional U-shaped sofa placement in the living room


The current trend in home decoration is based on the concept of home decoration with light decoration and heavy decoration, so the selection of furniture in the living room is particularly important. In the traditional living room, the sofa is mostly placed in a 3-digit + 2-digit + 1-digit U-shaped combination. Indeed, such a large sofa combination is more regular and ceremonial in the guest room, and the seat feeling is also very comfortable and spacious, but it is quite cumbersome in the relationship between the sofa and the space, It occupies a large area and has no flexibility at will.


L-shaped sofa suitable for large and small house types


As the simple style is more and more accepted by the public, to coordinate with the space in shape and tone, the simple L-shaped sofa style is loved by many people. Compared with the U-shaped combined sofa, the L-shaped sofa will occupy less space, and can also win a very comfortable imperial concubine position. When there are many people, you can be on a sofa, and when there are few people, you can lie down and rest or watch TV, which is very practical. The length of the L-shaped sofa can be customized according to the house type. It can be said that the home space of different sizes of house types is very suitable.


Fashionable combined sofa


With the popularity of various mix and match styles, high-value small sofas stand out and become a new trend. Small sofas do not have the bulky feeling of large sofas, but can also sit comfortably and be arranged in fashion. Small sofas can be moved at any time, and there can be more changes in design. When small sofas with one, two, or three seats are combined, they can naturally form an enclosed layout. Everyone can sit around and talk together, and the atmosphere is harmonious, It has a good atmosphere and cohesion.


The combination of small sofas is more arbitrary. Small sofas of different styles can be mixed and matched to achieve unity and harmony in terms of shape, color, pattern, and material, which can create different visual effects. A reasonable combination of small sofas also has a formal reception environment that is not inferior to that of large sofas and will be more fashionable and charming.


Leisure sofa in fashionable living room


Young people who advocate freedom and freedom are more breakthrough in the choice of sofa. Their living room is not constrained. The leisure sofa that can sit and lie down is more like a comfortable small bed. You can lie comfortably on the sofa to read or rest, and it can move freely, which is very suitable for young people today.


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