Selection Skills of Folding Chair

May 18,2022

More and more people use folding furniture to save space, and folding chair is one of them. So what are the selection techniques for folding chairs?


folding chair


Selection skills of folding chair


  1. Pay attention to the welding position: if the folding chair is a steel frame structure, pay attention to the smooth welding position without gaps, and the coating should look uniform and soft.


  1. Pay attention to the thickness of the steel pipe: if the folding chair is an aluminum alloy pipe, the thickness of the steel pipe is about 1.2mm, and it is better to be free of impurities.


  1. Pay attention to the firmness: depending on the overall quality of the frame, you can shake the product back and forth, left and right with both hands. If the frame is firm, it means that the frame is good.


  1. Pay attention to the quality of wrapping cloth: those who buy leather can hold one place with their fingertips and pull it up. It has a strong hand feel. Those with good recovery are first-class products.


  1. Try sitting: try sitting in person to understand its comfort. Change every angle and buy it after confirmation.
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