Leather Sofa Maintenance Method

June 14,2022

Leather sofa needs to be covered with a protective film with maintenance wax before use, which can effectively prevent dirt and sweat from penetrating into the pores of the sofa, otherwise it will be difficult to clean in the future. There are also many detergents that are harmful to the cortex. It was difficult to see when they were just used for cleaning at that time. Problems may occur over time. For real leather sofa, leather is very precious. Just like human skin, it needs to be carefully maintained in the process of use.


leather sofa


Maintain the leather sofa with maintenance oil. To maintain the leather sofa, apply a layer of leather maintenance oil on the leather surface. If there is no maintenance oil at home, remind that leather jacket oil or colorless jacket oil with the same color as the sofa can be used instead, and apply it evenly on all leather surfaces.


In terms of daily use and maintenance, we should first ensure the ventilation of the room. Too dry or wet will accelerate the aging of leather; Secondly, the leather sofa should not be placed where the sun shines directly or the air conditioner blows directly. This will make the leather surface hard and fade. Clean the sofa with pure cotton cloth or silk and wipe it gently. Leather has strong absorption, so attention should be paid to antifouling, especially for high-grade frosted leather.


Do not put the leather furniture in direct sunlight, or near the radiator or stove, otherwise the leather material will lose moisture and change color; Pay attention to prevent the metal part of shoes or leather from scratching the leather, and try to avoid pets from approaching; Once or twice a week, wipe the dust with a dry cloth and clean the dead corners with a vacuum cleaner.


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