Everything you Should Know about Plastic Chairs

December 10,2021

In the early days of mankind, our chairs were all made of stone, wood and iron, but nowadays, with the rapid development of technology, plastic chairs have gradually come to thousands of households, and many people have begun to like plastic. chair. So what are the advantages of plastic chairs compared with wooden chairs?


The Advantages of Plastic Chairs

plastic colored chairs outdoor


✔️ Lightweight   


Plastic can be regarded as a new type of material. Anyone who has used plastic chairs knows that plastic chairs are very lightweight. Therefore, plastic chairs are often used in large conferences, concerts, etc. 


✔️ Different shapes   


The toughness of plastic is very strong, especially after the high temperature melts, the plastic chair can make the shape you want. Therefore, the shapes of plastic chairs we usually see are quite diverse and very creative. 


✔️ Colorful  


The color of the plastic chair is very rich. When we choose plastic chairs, we often do not hesitate to buy what kind of shape, but wander about what color to buy. The plastic chairs in every household must be brightly colored. 


✔️ Cost-effective   


Compared with wooden chairs and iron chairs, plastic chairs are very cost-effective. The reason why its price is so cheap is because the production of plastic is relatively simple. It does not require multiple complicated processes. If you want to save costs, then plastic chairs are a good choice.


There are many materials that can be used to make chairs, but wooden chairs are not durable, alloy chairs are too heavy, and plastic chairs are generally very light, which is convenient for people to move. The price of plastic chairs is relatively low, which is suitable for people to buy.


What aspects should we pay attention to when buying plastic chairs?


How to Choose Plastic Chairs


1️⃣ Shapes


First of all, you have to think carefully about the environment in which the chair you want to buy will be used in. There are three main types currently on the market. The first type is an armchair. Its style and material are relatively simple, so some snack bars often use it as a dining chair in the store. The second type is folding chairs. Because of its portability and portability, it has a high status in modern home furnishings. The third type is the ordinary chair. Its color design is simple, and it is generally made of plastic.


2️⃣ Materials


The material of the plastic chair is divided into steel, raw plastic, and plastic. Plastic chairs of different materials differ in performance and quality, so you need to choose according to your actual needs.


  • Virgin plastic


Most plastic chairs are made of virgin plastic. The biggest feature of virgin plastic is its light weight. Chairs made of virgin plastic are generally very light, and people can move them at will.

But it also has obvious shortcomings, that is, chairs made of original plastic are generally not very durable, which means that its service life is relatively short. This kind of chair is relatively cheap, if you only use it indoors, it can meet your needs.


  • Plastic


The weight of a plastic chair is slightly heavier than that of the original plastic, but it is more durable than the original plastic product. This is because the plastic chair made of plastic is softer, more flexible, can withstand greater weight, and is more suitable People use it as an outdoor or indoor seat.


  • Tempered Plastic


The plastic chair made of toughened plastic is very strong and can withstand great gravity. At the same time, this chair is also very resistant to shocks. However, the production cost of the tempered plastic chair is higher, so its price is higher than the above two plastic chairs.


3️⃣ Comfort


As a good chair, comfort is very important. You need to pay attention to the height and depth of the plastic chair when buying. At the same time, you also need to choose the right plastic chair according to your height.


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