Classification of Outdoor Furniture

April 11,2022

For friends who love sunshine and the fresh air of nature, it is essential to have outdoor furniture. Today, let's talk about the classification of outdoor furniture.


outdoor furniture


By purpose


  • One is permanently fixed outdoor furniture, such as a wooden pavilion, wooden tables, and chairs, iron tables and chairs, etc. Generally, this kind of furniture should have good corrosion resistance and be relatively heavyweight. It should be placed outdoors for a long time.


  • There is also a kind of movable outdoor furniture, such as rattan art, wood art, and other furniture, which can be put outdoors when in use and stored in the room when not in use.


  • The other is portable outdoor furniture, such as a small dining table, dining chair, and parasol. This kind of furniture is generally made of aluminum alloy and canvas. It is required to be light and easy to carry. It is very suitable for outdoor travel, play, and fishing. It is best to bring some other outdoor equipment, such as a barbecue grill and tent, which can add a lot of fun to outdoor travel.


By material


  • Wooden outdoor furniture


Wood gives people a feeling of warmth in winter and cools in summer, which is very comfortable. Moreover, wood has the feeling of nature and is closer to nature. The wood used outdoors is called antiseptic wood, and the types include camphor pine, carbonized wood, wood plastic, Finnish wood, pineapple, and teak.


  • Imitation rattan outdoor furniture


Rattan furniture refers to that furniture with rattan as the main raw material. However, rattan art here refers to imitation rattan, which is made of PE rattan, a kind of plastic.


  • Iron outdoor furniture


Iron outdoor furniture is the strongest, most common, and earliest outdoor furniture. After electroplating or oxidation treatment on the surface, the mechanical properties of the material itself are relatively strong and not easy to wear. But iron is easy to rust. When selecting, it should be noted that the antirust treatment must be in place, and the protective oxide layer on the surface of iron furniture is very easy to wear. When using, try to avoid bumping on the surface of furniture.


  • Aluminum outdoor furniture


Aluminum outdoor furniture is not only fashionable and concise in appearance, but also because aluminum itself is very light and the weight of the whole set of furniture is not heavy. It is combined with glass, imitation rattan, and wood. Therefore, it can be placed on the balcony or terrace at home and carried with you when traveling. It is the most economical and affordable one.


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